Elizabeth Hanf


Elizabeth Hanf - Business Development DirectorElizabeth joined IGNITE in 2009 with ten years’ experience in the CPG and entertainment industries, including experience with General Mills and Electronic Arts. With particular expertise in inventory planning, systems development, and analysis, Elizabeth is most proud of her work creating a system at Electronic Arts that revolutionized the way production and inventory was managed for the customer. This system increased sales, automated systems on both the manufacturer and retailer sides, and significantly increased efficiency across the entire supply chain.

At IGNITE, Elizabeth is grateful for the opportunity to work at a smaller company who can be innovative and nimble while working to build businesses she really believes in. Her family is dedicated to IGNITE’s clients’ products, as her daughter, and thus the whole family, is gluten- and dairy-free. Understanding the need for healthier options in the marketplace through the lens of her own family increases Elizabeth’s passion for IGNITE’s brands. Always an active person, now with three young children, Elizabeth finds herself outside and playing most of the time. Prior to kids, she had a long list of specific activities, but now life is focused on the one thing — her beautiful family.

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